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Do you step on to the dance floor and feel terribly conspicuous? Have you ever watched Beyonce or JLo commanding attention on stage, and wished you could channel their conviction?


The self-confidence, the surety in their own bodies - Gosh! Wouldn't that be a marvellous thing?

Hi, I'm



Growing up in South Asia, I was very aware of the cultural taboo of a woman expressing her sexuality or showing off her body. So much so that when I first started exploring dance in my youth, I didn’t value how empowering it could be.


Even after moving to London and then Switzerland, fully embracing the joy of movement was limited by self-doubt and insecurity. Sound familiar?


But the more I stuck with dance, the more I realised I was letting society dictate the way I expressed myself. Instead of being stifled by our bodies or external perceptions, shouldn't we be exploring and celebrating our unique selves?


Personally, dancing gave me the ability to discover myself in a whole new way. 


That's why today I use my years of training, performance and choreography experience to empower and encourage others.


Lock away the excuses. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80. There’s no age limit to dance.


Two left feet? Pish-posh. Dance is primarily a form of expression. So even if you feel like an uncoordinated panda bear, believe me: You. Can. Dance.


Starting is the most important step. Try some of my free tutorials and see how psyched you feel afterwards. 


I'm rooting for you 💛

Juanita xoxo

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