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JRC is all about body positivity and enjoying the freedom of movement – no matter how old, uncoordinated, or self-conscious you may feel.


Learn everything from basic moves to full routines, in a range of styles, including Classical Indian, Bollywood, Urban and Fusion (Queen Bey, anyone?). Find your feet with custom wedding choreography or really impress with tailored workshops and performances, for special events.


Consider all your dance needs covered.  So really, the only thing left to do is count yourself in…and 5, 6, 7, 8.​

Confidence to Dance

Welcome to

Juanita Rasiah Choreography

where feeling good is a matter of losing your inhibitions, with toe-tapping delight.  No tequila required.


What I Specialise In


Courses & Workshop


1:1 Coaching




In Studio &
Online Classes


Flash Mobs


Monika Starkins

Juanita organised dances for my wedding which were used in the most incredible flash mob. This involved a large number of people of varying abilities, and despite juanita not being there, she managed to organise dances for each group depending on their ability. It all came together beautifully; the dances and song choices were fantastic and everyone had so much fun, thank you Juanita - incredible talent!

Guillaume Allain

I had to participate in a wedding flash mob for which I received videos from Juanita. I am not a good dancer so I was worried. But her videos were easy, well instructed and fun, I actually enjoyed my practice sessions.

So I would definitely suggest Juanita's

e-learning options!

Trisha Mehan

Juanita has been teaching me several genres of dancing for over 4 years: hiphop, ballroom, Bollywood, contemporary jazz to list a few. Her teaching style is unique and exciting. Never a dull moment! She's actually an incredible teacher! She makes dancing fun and easy to learn!

Juanita is the reason I became so passionate about dancing; helping me go from beginners to more advanced.

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