Where feeling good is a matter of losing your inhibitions, in time with the music.

No tequila required!

Dance is an all-inclusive experience. Still, it's easy to feel shy about rocking out – especially in front of other people. Even if you know the steps, a lack of confidence can stop you from embracing the total joy and freedom of movement.

Take it from someone who knows. The right mindset is a showstopper. I've transformed complete beginners with no performance experience, and had them take to the stage in front of 500 people. It's all a matter of self-belief.

So, give yourself permission to get into the groove. It doesn't matter how old you are, or what your ultimate goal is. The important thing is to have fun and dance away the doubts that stop you from feeling free in your body.

Park those excuses. You're never too old or too busy. Neither are you too inflexible or unrhythmic. Dance is accessible to all, as long as you're willing to give it a go. Expression over perfection, always.

Ready to love every move you make? Check out my range of free tutorials, classes, online courses and special event choreography (yes, international weddings too).

I like to keep things simple and accessible. So, technicalities are broken down into easy-to-grasp formats, at a smooth pace. And you will always walk away having had a blast, and feeling super positive with your new skills.